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"The Londinium Larcenies"

After a series of fog-covered robberies in Londinium, Batman and Robin are asked by the First Minister to investigate. They pack the Batmobile and other crime-fighting equipment in a large crate that supposedly contains Dick Grayson's school supplies.

After arriving, they meet with Superintendent Watson of venerable Ireland Yard, who mentions a superb aftergrass lawn (also known as a fog lawn) owned by a Lord Ffogg. Batman makes the connection, and asks if they might pay him a visit, claiming that he would like to compare Lord Ffogg's lawn with that of his friend, Bruce Wayne. And after taking a tour of the premises, Robin discovers that Batman's suspicions were quite correct.


Alfred sets up the dungeon of a country manor house to be the temporary Batcave. Apparently he was in too much of a hurry to pull the decaying skeletons down off the walls.