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Letters from the Fans

What would a tribute page be without some words from those of us who love watching the show. Write to us and tell us what you like about the show, your favorite episode, or whatever, and we'll post it here for other fans to read.
FROM: Chad Boudreau (co-designer of this tribute page)

I was far to young to remember Batman when it was first aired in the 60s. I was not in fact born until 1976. The first time I saw the show was on a Canadian Sunday morning children's program called Switchback. They would should about a fifteen minute clip of an episode, continuing the tale the following weekend. At that time, I did not find the show funny. The humor and parody went right over my head. It was simply a good show. There were villains, heroes, cool gadgets, a fast car, and a theme song I could hum to myself for the rest of the day.

And then it disappeared.

I was reintroduced to this old show during my high school years. The Canadian children's television network, called YTV began airing the episodes on every weeknight. It was only then that I realized just how funny this show was. By then I knew what the word 'campy' meant and Batman was certainly that. But camp doesn't mean bad television. There can be good camp too, and that is what Batman was. There was talent behind that show. For all its goofiness, it was well written. Some people would argue against me, but writing that kind of consistent silliness isn't easy. Unfortunately, I cannot watch the show while I am in my university years. While Batman is currently being broadcast on the Space Channel in certain parts of Canada, I live in one of those areas where Space is not offered.

FROM: Pat Bishow

My Batman Memory I was 5 years old, taking a bath. My mom came in and said if I behaved I could watch Batman tonight.

I couldnít believe they had made a show about my favorite comic book superhero. I remember not be able to stay awake for it either (come on, that thing went to 8pm!).

I also remember as a kid watching the show, feeling so bad if it was a part one. It was hard to go to bed knowing Batman and Robin were surely going to die in tonightís episode. Thatís why I always hoped I was catching a part II.

It seems you like Batman in 3 stages:
1)age 5-10 : the coolest superheroes and the most thrilling action ever produced.
2) 11-15: the dumbest show ever! How stupid, "why donít they just shoot Batman?"
3) 15-life: An amazingly creative, funny, and way ahead of itís time!

Right now Iím unable to catch Batman on re-runs, but having seen them so much itís okay (What I would give to see some "never before scene" footage of that show).

I only hope websites like this will grow more and more (thereís a whole new generation that needs to see this wonderful show).

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